Are you game for some outdoor fun and adventure in and around Southern Oregon area? Then, you’ve found the right place. The Redwood Motel as one of the best Grants Pass Inns is conveniently situated near some of the best and most sought-after attractions in Grants Pass. You can engage in numerous activities like fishing, rafting, hiking, watching opera, visiting museums, and more. Motels & Hotels can be a good place to stay also if you’re on vacation. You can also read more about staying in inn vs hotel in Grants Pass, Or. Read more about inn, B&B here.

The fact that Grants Pass Oregon is nestled on the beautiful Rogue River makes that is a suitable starting point for any adventure. Then again, inns in Grants Pass OR serve as your gateway to endless fun, laughter, and a place to lay your fatigued body down after a fun-filled day of activities.

Just take a look at some of the top activities that you can reach while staying over at the fabulous Redwood Hyperion Suites Grants Pass.

Watch the Birds

Over here you can step out of your car with a pair of binoculars and scope the field near the Medford airport for what others would regard as one of Rogue Valley’s most unusual feathered visitors. Don’t forget to book a good hotel or motel in advance if you can.

The Cascades Lakes Highway

This is a great place to tour the mighty volcanoes of Central Oregon.

Fishing at Miller Lake

Fishing over here is seen as an outstanding experience as Miller Lake is located in the High Cascade Mountain that is situated near Chemult. The only problem is the mosquitoes that can make life a bit of misery for anglers. You may want to try ‘ninja fishing.’

volcanoes in oregon

Siskiyou Mountains

Although the Siskiyou Mountains do not boast of having the magnificent height of the Cascade that is near the Sierra Nevada ranges, these mountains have a lot to offer regarding wild and beautiful peaks that are both fun and challenging to climb. What is more, the extraordinary panoramic view of the surrounding mountains is something to behold from a cozy glass house that is set at 6,242 feet.

Klamath Lake and Duck Hunting

The beautiful Upper Klamath Lake is regarded as one of the best places for duck hunting. People come from far to spent a chilly weekend hunting bluebills.

Running the Wild Rogue River

The wild part of the Rogue River is one of the most famous stretches of the river within America that involves a three to four-day trip at best.

Over here, winter steelhead is seen as the big and strong athletes of the river. You just have to visit some of the experts in the region to put together a complete winter steelhead fishing trip inside the Rogue Valley and further.

Then again, you can meet up with Orange Torpedo Trips and hop on board one of their Tahiti kayaks to paddle your way from Hog Creek Boat Landing all the way through to the beachfront of Galice, which happens to be one of the best parts of the Rogue due to the incredible scenery, including Hellgate Canyon.

September and early October is an excellent month to visit the Rogue as the weather is still perfect and fishing during this time is a favorite activity for most with salmon and steelhead waiting to be caught. You may even go as far as to hike the four-mile trail near Grave Creek Bridge that ends at Rainie Falls. Who knows, you may even spot a sizeable 40-pound salmon leaping up the falls on its way to the spawning grounds.

Make Your Way to the Ocean Beach and Shakespeare Festival

Cooling your heels on the soft sands of Ocean Beach and the nearby ocean is a favorite pastime for many before attending a spectacular night at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which is a modern regional repertory theater in Ashland, Oregon. It sets the stage for up to eleven plays that run from February through to early November each year.

It is amazing how many top activities can be enjoyed in the Southern part of Oregon without costing you too much. You can float the Rogue, visit Crater Lake, fish at Bolan Lake, hike the Redwoods, explore the Ocean’s beach, and so much more.

You and your family will be happy to know that the Redwood Hyperion Suite is regarded as one of the top Grants Pass Inns you can stop by anytime you want.