Whether or not your baby’s teeth are permanent or not, they still need attention. Any unnecessary trauma may have a detrimental effect on the developing teeth underneath the gum. Your Grants Pass Dentist will tell you that it may delay the eruption of their permanent teeth later on as mentioned by Allen Creek Dental – Dentist. Tooth decay can also affect natural tooth and gum health.

What happens if your baby should fall out of curiosity and knock out one of their pearly whites? Oh dear, this is the last thing we have the strength to cope with, but it happens, and we must know what to do during medical emergencies of any kind. New walkers are particularly at risk between the ages of 18 to 40 months.

Here is what you need to know

chipped tooth

Teeth Getting Knocked Out?

If your baby’s teeth get knocked out completely, the chances are slim that your dentist in Grants Pass will be able to re-implant it. In all likelihood, you’ll have to wait until their adult tooth develops. Permanent teeth can be re-implanted successfully within only an hour or two after injury.

Put the tooth in a clean holder together with a sample of the child’s saliva, to be taken to the Dental emergency room immediately. During all cases, one should apply a little pressure to stop the bleeding. If it does not end within 10 minutes, then you need to visit your dentist or emergency room as soon as possible.

What Happens When Part of Your Baby’s Tooth Breaks Off?

If only part of your child’s tooth breaks off or a bit of reddish flesh, known as dental pulp, sticks out, you have to see your dentist right away. If the tooth just shifted a little, or it got pushed right up into the gum but is not broken, then you can call your dentist to hear what they recommend. Further care may be necessary.

You may not always notice that your baby faced a little drama with their baby teeth. Sometimes it will take a week or more before you see their teeth are turning color. This may mean that the nerve and blood supply inside the tooth died. Consult your Grants Pass dentist to get an understanding of what to do next.

What About an Injured Tongue, Lips or Gums?

It can be emotionally upsetting to see your child cut their tongue as there will be a lot of blood. Best to stay calm for their sake and yours. The injury often looks worse than it is. In most instances, the wound will heal itself. Except of course when they experienced a significant cut while playing on a wheelbarrow or any other equipment.

Should your child bruise or cut their gums or lips, but the teeth are still in one piece, and then you may just apply a bit of cold pressure, using some frozen veggies or a bag of ice. If the cut is much more significant by at least a quarter of an inch, then you can take your child to a healthcare professional. They will ensure everything heals correctly.

How to Manage Trauma to the Teeth

You need to know what to do in a dental emergency as it is critical to the overall oral health of your child. If left untreated, a damaged or chipped tooth can result in an opening for cavities as the damaged area is hard to clean. Here are a few simple steps you can try until you get to a dentist:

A broken or chipped tooth can be saved in some cases. Just rinse the pieces as well as the injured child’s mouth. Ensure you apply gauze to the bleeding area as well. Once the bleeding stops, you can use a cold press to the area and go to your dentist as soon as you can together with the pieces you gathered.

Teeth that were knocked out should be picked up by the crown and not the root. Any tissue fragments need to preserve. Knocked-out teeth have a better chance of being put back into place within an hour or so. What you can also do is try to push the tooth back in place as long as it faces the right way.

Always remember to keep a cool head in cases of dental emergencies and get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible. Find out more at Allen Creek Dentists.