Whether by inflatable kayak or raft, full-day Riggins River rafting trips, Idaho is the ideal way to experience the best whitewater on the Salmon River. You will begin with a couple of warm-up rapids to get everyone into the habit of paddling. Do not get too lax though. Soon enough you will find yourself staring down a wall of whitewater, with some goosebumps down your spine and a healthy respect for the Riggins rafters. Before long, the waves will crash and leave you and your team soaked from head to toe. What an exhilaration that is!

The majestic Salmon River also offers the perfect opportunity for first-timers to enjoy a more mellow experience to do with rafting. Outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips may opt for more easygoing lines, which would depend on the time of the year, or pick one of the many other sections of the Salmon River to float on. Irrespective, this part of the river is excellent for anyone to revel in the thrill-tempered waters and wannabe Bravehearts who decided they are going to engage in river rafting adventures this year.

When you go along with Orange Torpedo for Riggins River kayak rafting, you can choose to paddle or ride in a raft, make use of an inflatable kayak if you are a bigger adventurer. The decision is entirely yours.

What to Pack for Full Day Rafting Trips

Be sure to pack:

  • Shorts or a swimsuit and top
  • Sunglasses with chums or croakies
  • Ball cap or wide-brimmed hat
  • 1-liter water bottle with a carabiner
  • Sunscreen that is waterproof
  • Sandals with a heel strap or water shoes

Single Day Trip Overview

One day trips on the Salmon entails an adventure packed journey consisting of 8 hours that is 20 miles long. These daytime trips are perfect for adults, families, couples, kids, groups, and everyone else.

Whatever your appetite for adventure, Riggins rafting will accommodate your needs. Enjoy and relax while your professional guides navigate the river on their oar raft. Alternatively, you can hop on an inflatable kayak or paddle raft for an exhilarating and wet experience. Enjoy a riverside lunch on a gorgeous white sandy beach.

Rapids over here range from a Class 1 to Class III. Most of all, they are splashy, fun, yet safe to raft thanks to the capable hands of the expert guide staff.

Be sure you obtain your first choice date by making a reservation well in advance. Besides, shorter trips are often called – “Express Tips.”

Take it from this guest’s take on what she found to be different when rafting the Riggins area. Here is what she had to say – “I had the opportunity to raft numerous places across the country. But none of them come even close to my experience over here on the Salmon River. Not only were the guides the best I’ve met, but the food they prepared for our group was out of this world. To top it off, the Salmon river is beautiful. I will be back, hopefully on a multi-day trip next time round.”

Full day trips are much like a half day trip, but it offers twice as much fun. You can look forward to 6 hours of whitewater Class II to Class IV rapids. The trip is just right for groups as it provides them with loads of slack water to relax in the sun and numerous rapids such as the Trap, Ruby, and Time Zone. All of these guarantee a thrill like no other.

What is more, you are in good hands with experienced guides like Orange Torpedo Trips. They are known for serving the best lunch and beverages around mid-day. Now is your chance to make your adventure an action-packed day that consists of whitewater rafting. No one will have more fun on the river than you and your group.

Whether you wish to float while someone else is doing the paddling and taking you safely through the best scenery around or challenge yourself by running rapids in an inflatable kayak, you will have the opportunity to make the most of whitewater rafting in the fabulous Riggins area.

Should you ever decide to participate in a multi-day trip in the future, you will see how each day brings new paddling fun, opportunities for wildlife viewing, and short walks off the side of the river where you’ll see old mine camps, and old homesteads.